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Case Files Rerun 2024

10 January 2024

The rerun of the collaboration event with the Case Files franchise - and the return of old challenges as well as a new challenge quest.

Beast IV:L

26 December 2023

An interesting conclusion to Tunguska to say the least

(Lostbelt 6) Cernunnos

10 July 2023

One of FGOs most notorious boss fights due to up to 100% special defense, strong DoT damage and powerful field effects

(Lostbelt 6) Albion

10 July 2023

Albion shows up with a new mechanic, but will it be enough?

(Lostbelt 6) Queen Morgan

20 June 2023

The fight against the Lostbelt 6 Queen as the conclusion of LB 6 Part 2

Devilish Bodhisattva

21 June 2022

One of the most infamous fights in FGO, Full Power Beast III:R