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Challenge Quest

Lightning in Gilgilgamesh

23 March 2024

The actual Challenge Quest of this event - time to make those pompous idiots pay!

Giga Coil

Giga Coil - Five Star Idol

15 March 2024

A total of 10 HP Bars and some interesting field effects - what will happen on this stage?

Giga Coil - Raging Billows! Kakare Shibata!

15 March 2024

Stacking defences and damage cut - what an interesting strategy

Giga Coil - Child from the Netherworld

15 March 2024

Can Erice stop the racers this time?

Giga Coil - True Love

15 March 2024

Somehow, Orion can now transform - is he a Transformer then?

Giga Coil - Galaxy Guardian

15 March 2024

The one to keep the Galaxy in order - will her two forms be enough against the racers?

Giga Coil - Singularity Gets Restored until You Reach Home

15 March 2024

An interesting, multi-stage quest with plenty of interesting twists

Giga Coil - Western Ninja Arts Book

15 March 2024

Can Fuuma, his clones and his arsenal of debuffs stop the racers?

Mega Coil

Heart Pounding! The Grand Decisive Swimsuit Battle!

15 March 2024

Such a collection of swimsuit beauties ... no, must ... beat ... the quest

Rematch at Reichenbach Falls

15 March 2024

A showdown of epic proportions - make sure to bring some defense ignore

The Librarian's Job

15 March 2024

The Librarians job seems kinda interesting if she always has to deal with books like that

March of the Holy Reindeer

15 March 2024

Is this technically ruining Christmas ... naaaah, it's fine

Crime and Punishment - Gray Mustache Must Die

15 March 2024

Confronting an evil mastermind in his lair with his army of mechas - what could be more on point for Moriaty?

Until That Person's Defeated

15 March 2024

Penth fulfilling her role as a CEO without fail - but what about a hostile takeover by racers?

Super My Home Daddy

15 March 2024

An quest where DOT damage is actually the key to success

Exhibition Quests: 2020 Revival

Grand Finale - The Golden Metropolis Returns

18 March 2024

The climax to the whole 2020 revival quests - let's have fun for one last round

Sweets Universe

17 March 2024

Ah, a berserker enemy with .... 10 MILLION HP?????? Welp, time to burst this in a single turn

Moolah's Pawn Shop

17 March 2024

Time to first borrow and then return gifts with interests - Sheba won't be pleased

Welcome to Jaguar Country

16 March 2024

When you step foot into Jaguar territory, you either leave alive or you don't at all - which will it be?

Skyscraper Monster

16 March 2024

A rogue assassin has been spotted that randomly onecrits servants - time to stop him as fast as possible

Flame Gate

15 March 2024

Time for Leonidas to show how tough the 300 really are - be advised to bring some kind of defense ignore

Rice Ball Franchise Shop No. 1

15 March 2024

Eating and giving out food can be a really nice thing - especially when it buffs your attacks <3

Exhibition Quests: 2021 Revival

Finale - The Eternal City Triumphus

22 March 2024

You are Rome, you are Rome - We all are Rome

The Green Comet

21 March 2024

When Achillis decends, he brings swith him destruction ...

Legend of the Crimson Hero - HD Remastered

21 March 2024

Let's go onto an adventure with Brave Liz, the Hero that will save us all

Capture the Clown!

20 March 2024

Why are you running? Why are you running? Mephisto, why are you running???

The Lovely Gorgon Sisters

20 March 2024

Bullying the two sisters that in turn bully her Nee-san - what could go wrong (or right)?

BE-Witched (Curse)

19 March 2024

Now now, how to deal with a Eric charmed and cheered on by the love of his life?

Main Event - Final Match

19 March 2024

The old guard from Nerofest - let's see how their fighting powers aged over the downtime